Tuesday, November 30, 2004

White House Perp Walk

It's liable to stay just a dream, but first Canada considers whether they could arrest Bush when he arrives today and now Germany (WSJ - subscription) is considering whether to accept a request - on behalf of former detainees - for a prosecutor to investigate whether Rummy and other US officials are culpable for war crimes committed at abu Ghraib.

The four Iraqis contend U.S. authorities have failed to review whether superiors bear criminal responsibility for the abuse at the prison that was disclosed this year. Several U.S. investigations of the scandal have cited failures of leadership in general terms, but so far, only low-ranking soldiers have been charged or convicted.
In reality, there's every possibility that this will go nowhere, but the fact remains that our President and his closest advisors draw the attention of prosecutors wherever they go in the world. That's a far cry from the reception that Clinton got when he traveled the world...

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