Thursday, November 11, 2004

Tianenman Square, CA

Or as John at AMERICABlog put it last night:

"They deployed two fucking TANKS to counter an anti-war protest in LA"
Several excuses have been floated around for why these tanks just happened to show up at a peaceful anti-war protest, including that they "got lost." If these were military tanks, I can tell you that no goddamn unit in the country would have tankers out joy-riding in the streets and become lost - coincidentally - near a protest. It just does not happen. If they were police tanks, and LA does have vehicles very much like tanks, you can bet they weren't just out for an evening jaunt; these things are expensive to run and they don't get lost either.

Back to John at AMERICABlog who says it with all the outrage we should all feel about this:

I am absolutely speechless. We look like China. We look like the Soviet Union. They just sent two tanks to counter a peaceful protest in the second largest city of America. Good God. And where is the media coverage? They just sent TANKS to counter peaceful protesters. That kind of an outrageous challenge to the protesters could have easily sparked violence.

People, please, contact your local media, call any reporters you know, tell them about this. This is a huge story. This is absolutely scary shit. Sending tanks to confront peaceful protesters in an American city in 2004. Who the fuck are we anymore?
I second his call for action.

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