Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What Have We Done?

If, as appears likely, Ohio goes to Bush, here is what Republican America has effectively said to the rest of the country and the world:

  • We don't care that our children - and yours - will continue to die in wars of our aggression.

  • We don't care that the richest Americans will soon own everything.

  • We don't care that corporations have assumed control over much of the country.

  • We don't care that the neediest among us will starve, live on the street, or have no access to medical care (unless you profess faith to "our" god - maybe).

  • We don't care that our children and yours will live in a filthy, polluted world.

  • We don't care that women all over the world, especially here at home, have no choice in their reproductive life.

  • We don't care what that half of the country that didn't vote for us thinks, says or wants.

  • We don't care that segments of our population are discriminated against because of who they are.

  • We don't care what the world thinks of our actions even though they affect you directly or indirectly.
Essentially, those who've voted to keep the lying disaster of an empty flight suit in the White House have given everyone in the country and on the planet who don't subscribe to their limited, pinched view of the world the finger. Those who voted Republican may have given them free reign, without constraint of reelection concerns, to continue with the worst of the far right's agenda.

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