Monday, November 01, 2004

One Final Day

It all comes down to a last day. All around the political blogosphere, whether on the right or the left, bloggers will make their final appeals, will write their final words on this election season today.

For sure there will be post-election discussions and dissections. The details will be pored over for weeks - or months if it's really close as all polls seem to suggest it will be. But today is the final day to try to persuade; to persuade the last undecideds out there to vote for Kerry/Edwards, to persuade teetering Republicans, to persuade those who might not vote to get out and pull the levers of power that our Constitution places within our hands.

I urge everyone who stops in today to make sure that you are as informed as you can be as you walk into the voting booth tomorrow. Truly informed; not just from a single source but as broadly and as deeply as you can be. Remember to think ahead; Americans are notoriously short-sighted. What will your children or grandchildren think of the choice that you make for them tomorrow? Most people can leave no legacy in the sense that the very rich or the very powerful can; but as a group the vast majority of us leave a legacy more important than the largest endowment. We leave a government - executive, Congress and the courts - that will have a profound impact on those who come after us.

Think before you vote.

But vote.

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