Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Picking Up Where He Left Off

Hungary to Withdraw Troops From Iraq
Defense Minister Says Country Waited for U.S. Elections Results Before Deciding
The Coalition of the Willing seems to be still unraveling. Thousands of our troops in Iraq recently had their tours of duty involuntarily extended, some for the second time and our "coalition" is dissolving before our eyes. As our military is stretched further and further and as BushCo.'s hubris is fed by the latest election results, how will we meet the continuing troop needs of the "Never-ending War on Terror?"

We can't say when we might leave Iraq because the Preznit says that would tell the terrorists that they only need to wait one more day that we will. We can't say when the war will be won because the policies and the actions of this administration - if the last four years was any indication - will continue to serve as recruitment for terrorism. And we can't say for sure which country will be next on Bush's hit list.

What we can say - but Bush insists that we don't is this: DRAFT.

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