Tuesday, November 09, 2004

An Idea I Can Get Behind

Check out "Turn Your Back On Bush." This group's idea is simple, but potentially very powerful:

On January 20th, 2005, we're calling for a new kind of action. The Bush administration has been successful at keeping protesters away from major events in the last few years by closing off areas around events and using questionable legal strategies to outlaw public dissent. We can use these obstacles to develop new tactics. On Inauguration day, we don't need banners, we don't need signs, we don't need puppets, we just need people.

We're calling on people to attend inauguration without protest signs, shirts or stickers. Once through security and at the procession, at a given signal, we'll all turn our backs on Bush's motorcade and continue through his speech and swearing in. A simple, clear and coherent message.
Go check out their website; for now it's just a single page, and pass on the word. Blog about it, put it in your sidebar, send an e-mail. Even if you can't go to the inauguration, do your part to get this to someone who can.

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