Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat Dead; Ashcroft Takes Credit

Not really. That is, Yassir Arafat is dead, but Ashcroft didn't take credit. Although given his resignation statement - see the post below - he probably will before the week is out.

This is one of those situations that's going to put Bush to the test. For the past four years he's done nothing to further the cause of peace between Israel and the Palestinian people, claiming that Arafat was a terrorist and an obstruction to the process. Well, Mr. Mandate, the obstruction is gone; time to get off your ass. Will we see any constructive overtures from the White House now, or will it be "more of the same?"

I have a feeling that Bush is going to run headlong into a lot of situations during the coming four years (fates help us...) that are going to require him to walk the big talk he mumbled and fumbled during the campaign. He can claim that his first term was hampered by 9/11 and obstructionist Democrats in Congress - it wouldn't be true, but he has and will continue to make that claim - but no more. He owns every failure, every missed opportunity, every crisis, everything.

The next four years have the potential to be one, long, never-ending train wreck for Bush: horrible to see, but impossible to look away from.

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