Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Snake Goddess Has a Bird in Her Throat...

If you haven't been following Echidne of The Snakes' Rara Avis series, you should acquaint yourself with it by reading her latest post: "Rara Avis VI: George and the Girls."

It's bothered me for a long time why women - more than 50% of the US population - would vote for someone who would work to keep them second-class citizens. By all rights, a progressive woman should have no problem being elected to any office in the land. And yet, with Shrubby-boy as a prime example, we see that there is indeed a problem getting a woman elected to any office, much less to the presidency.

Echidne lays out, with plenty of details and links, the sins of King George in the arena of caring for and championing the rights of women everywhere. Regardless of your sex, reading through her post and the links in it should make you angry. Take that anger and translate it into action. Make sure you vote in November and when you go, make sure to take at least one friend.

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