Tuesday, March 30, 2004


So David Kay leaves Iraq saying there are no WMD to be found - despite months of BushCo. insistence to the contrary. I knew pretty much that was how it was going to end. So I kind of stopped paying attention to the "search for WMD." Scott Ritter said there weren't any, Hans Blix said there weren't any and David Kay said there weren't any. So that's the end of the story right?


Being the monomaniacs they are, BushCo. has decided that they haven't wasted enough tax payer money on their fantasy search for Iraqi WMD. I found this at Swissinfo.org:

The U.S. search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq will continue, but the focus now includes whether
Saddam Hussein intended to develop such weapons, the chief U.S. arms hunter says.

"Ultimately what we want is a comprehensive picture, not just simply answering questions -- were there weapons, were there not
weapons?" Charles Duelfer told reporters after a closed-door briefing to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

"The hunt will go on until we're able to draw a firm and confident picture of what the programs were and where the regime was headed with
respect to them. But we're looking at it from soup to nuts -- from the weapons end to the planning end and to the intentions end," he said.
Yes, he said "soup to nuts." I'm not sure about the soup, but I know where you can find a whole friggin' White House full of nuts.

Also, we've gone from huge stockpiles of WMD that were imminent dangers to our security to known caches of WMD hidden around Baghdad to WMD that were hidden under rose bushes in some guy's back yard to "weapons related program activities." In a new low for expectations we get the latest lowered goal post for the search:

"...we're looking for the decisions by the regime to sustain a capability..."
There you have it, the latest reason why nearly 600 coalition soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Call it "weapons related program sustaining capability activities."

Call the new search a boondoggle.

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