Monday, March 15, 2004

My Outrage Meter is Officially Pegged

There are lots of things going on right now that ought to cause any of us to feel outrage - and what I call my "outrage meter," just how mad these things make me registers different amounts for different things. Lately, as I stated in my last post, it's been pretty close to maxed out. Pegged.

Sometimes though, it's the seemingly small things that totally piss you off. Maybe the larger outrages are just too big to process; I can't integrate them into my everyday experiences. So they make you mad, but you can just go on living and feeling vaguely upset. But the little things are those that fit into your world, you know exactly how they would affect you, making them all the worse.

Now combine all the biggest outrages and then throw in one of those comparatively small ones on top. That's the combination that makes you think your head's going to explode.

So, we have soldiers dying in Iraq in a war we should never have started. Many of these soldiers are from the Guard and Reserves, ripped out of their lives amid thoughts of "two weekends a month and one week a year" and money for college. They don't get fed very well because the company in charge of feeding them is ripping off the government run, in part, by a former CEO of the company they are part of.

The least the government could do is ensure that they get paid on time.

You know, so their families can pay bills. And eat.

The least they could do.

But no.


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