Tuesday, March 30, 2004

No Protests in Crawford

This is appalling.

If you think that the "Free Speech Zones" that Shrubby establishes wherever he goes - that are miles away from his actual location so that he never has to see or hear a dissenting opinion - are disgusting, you haven't seen the worst of it.

Via Quick Sauce who found it at The Progressive:

If you're ever thinking about going down to Crawford, Texas, to protest against Bush, beware.

The police do not take kindly to demonstrators there--or legal observers, for that matter.

And even if you're just wearing an anti-Bush button, you could get arrested.

That's the message a local jury sent last month.
The entire article reads like an historical account from the ex-Soviet Union or from Germany, circa 1939. That is not hyperbole, it's not being shrill, it's not an overblown statement. You really have to go read the entire thing.

There is no other word for it - appalling.

Yes there is: Unconstitutional.

UPDATE: Edited to correct Quick Sauce's nom de blog.

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