Monday, March 08, 2004

A New Way to Pay Taxes

I'm going to start paying my taxes the BushCo. way.

Tomorrow I'll mail off a new W-4 telling the government to stop withholding any money from my paychecks. All year long I'll enjoy my higher wages and next February, when I usually get around to doing my taxes, I'll fill out a 1040 saying I paid all of my taxes. In fact, I'll fill it out claiming that I'm actually owed a refund. About $3,000 should do it. That'll nicely pay for a little vacation my wife and I have wanted to take. No problem.

By now you're probably thinking I'm out of my nut. And normally you'd be correct. However, after coming across the following I think you might see I'm on to something.

Here's John Kerry, on Sunday, roundly criticizing the preznit for stonewalling the 9/11 Commission:

"Why is this administration stonewalling and resisting the investigation into what happened and why we had the greatest security failure in the history of our country?"
In reply, a BushCo. spokesperson had the following to say:

A spokesman for Mr. Bush's campaign, Scott Stanzel, said in response, "President Bush and his administration have provided extraordinary cooperation and unprecedented access" to the commission.
You see, in Bush Land, just saying it makes it so. Regardless that the commission, which has the final say on who cooperated and who didn't, has said they need more time and more access, Stanzel says they cooperated. Therefore, they did. I say I paid my taxes, therefore I did.

I only with I had discovered this before!

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