Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The Farmer Plants Some Bad Seed

If you've had it right up to your eyeballs with the SCLM whores at CNN (and every other news outlet), you're in good company.

The Farmer, over at Corrente, has posted one of the best rants in recorded blog history. Here's just a taste:

...I'm extremely unattracted to DC Beltway dinner party gasbag whistle pigs like Mathews and Fund who can't seem to keep their own jawbones tied down long enough to absorb an answer [to] their own inquiries and instead rattle off nervous reactionary babble like jumpy jabbering teenage soda-pop junkies. Both Fund and Mathews bug me to no end and remind me of every single annoying hitchhiker who has ever been deservedly slaughtered and buried under a mile marker sign this side of Stateline.

And no, I have never buried a hitchhiker in the desert on the outskirts of the Calico Ghost Town! No! It was all Digby's idea - go bother Digby if you want to dig up any of your stupid plucked up relatives! Why do you think he's called Dig-by? (Yes- its a joke - so just relax you creepy justice dept. weenies)
Take out a little aggravation on our friends in the news bid'ness, vicariously, by reading the rest of CNN ~ America's Company Store Media-Whore.

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