Tuesday, March 30, 2004


I have to admit that my schedule and all the things going on in the news has kept me from my weekly blogabout. It's not a great excuse, but there it is. So... let me try to get back into bringing you the best of the Liberal Coalition and a little bit else!

First The Liberal Coalition:

NTodd, over at Dohiyi Mir, has a great new digital SLR! Go see the first of what is likely to be plenty of beautiful photos. And while you're there, scroll up one entry and read Rummy's latest work of poetry!

The Fantastic Four who write Corrente have written so many posts lately that it's hard to keep up, even with an RSS feed! It also makes it hard to pick just one post to send you to read... Take your pick of any of the (literally) hundreds written in the past week. These guys are on fire!

Although I've considered myself to be an atheist for quite a while, I'm always interested to see how other peoples' faith - or faithlessness - develops over time and what events transpire to change it. Amy, at BlogAmY explores her faith and that of some of her family in a couple of great posts.

Bark Bark Woof Woof may be one of the oddest blog titles you'll run across, but don't let that put you off. Mustang Bobby writes some of the best social commentary you'll find. So good, in fact, that he just passed 10,000 total hits since he started blogging just five short months ago. Drop by and help him on his way to the next 10,000!

Steve Gilliard takes on angry, fat guys who think that American Women Suck. Steve's right on with his analysis, I think. You'll find yourself shaking your head and then laughing - and then you'll be thinking about it all day.

Protecting Karl Rove may seem an odd concern for a Liberal blogger, but rest assured, Andante has her reasons! Go check out Collective Sigh and see why Uncle Karl should get Secret Service protection (or not!).

Snakes, as far as I know, and Snake Goddesses, in particular, don't do polls. Or so I thought. Echidne of the Snakes, however has taken a liking to dissecting polls. Check out her take on a CNN/USA Today poll of likely voters; seems that there might be some very interesting people in those polls. Go see what I mean.

I failed to note when New World Blogger joined the ranks of the Liberal Coalition. It was a serious oversight on my part. HLVictoria brings a new perspective to blogging and to Liberal politics. I highly recommend NWB - in fact, if you have the time, check out the archives and the photoblog as well. The latest NWB post concerns education funding and the IMF. As you can imagine, those usually hurt most by IMF requirements are those who most need additional educational funding, but... Go check it out, please.
And finally, Something Different:

I ran across Points of Information via the TTLB Ecosystem. This Canadian blog is run in a manner of a Parliament, with ten members on both sides - or may be all sides is more like it - of the political spectrum. It's an interesting idea, with posts generally being in the form of parliamentary discourse. Check it out.

Preposterous Universe is a wonderful mix of politics and science, specifically physics. It seems an odd mix - and it is - but Sean makes it work. Discussion ranges from the latest BushCo. gaffe to string theory to the role of ego in science. Go read it, your mind needs expanding!

I have to admit that the name drew me in: Kamikaze Kumquat. How could you not follow a link to a blog with that name? Lisa had commented on some of my posts so I followed the link to her blog - as I do with all new commenters here. What I found was lots of fun. Lisa's tag line? "Sometimes a blog is just random insanity and a squirrel." Exactly!
And so ends today's Blogabout. I promise to be more diligent in the future about doing these.

Really I will.


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