Friday, March 19, 2004

EU Appoints "Anti-Terror Czar" Looks for First Country to Invade

The EU did appoint an anti-terror czar, but unlike our fearless leader, the EU will likely not invade a country that has nothing to do with terror. Although at this point it is too early to say for sure.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Eight days after the Madrid train bombings, European Union justice and interior ministers on Friday were set to approve an ``anti-terror czar'' to coordinate the EU's fight against terrorism.

At emergency talks, the ministers reviewed a lengthy ``action plan'' that calls for a pan-EU database of terrorist's criminal records and across-the-board closer cooperation against terrorism.
Note the explicit nod to "cooperation" and the complete lack of a specific state against whom immediate action must be taken (despite the fact that terrorists have proven to be a rather stateless group).

<sarcasm>I'm sure that whomever is tapped to fill this position can count on unwavering support from BushCo.</sarcasm>

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