Thursday, April 01, 2004

White House Directly Interfering With 9/11 Commission?

In a report just out on the CBS News site comes the possibility that someone in the White House was feeding information and perhaps questions to members of the 9/11 Commission on the same day as Richard Clarke was giving his sworn testimony. That someone was Alberto Gonzales:

The Washington Post says people with direct knowledge of the call say Alberto Gonzales, President Bush's top lawyer, called commissioner Fred Fielding and may also have called commissioner James Thompson, before Richard Clarke was due to appear on March 24.


Fielding and Thompson both asked questions on March 24 that concerned Clarke's credibility. Fielding referred to a previously classified briefing Clarke gave to Congress in 2002 in which he reportedly praised the Bush administration's terrorism strategy.

Thompson mentioned a White House briefing in 2002 that Clarke had given anonymously. Fox News first reported on Clarke's White House briefing just hours before.
The link is not iron-clad, yet. But the circumstances sound remarkably like Gonzales was providing confidential and classified information to 9/11 Commission members in order to cast doubt on Clarke's testimony. This provides proof that this maladministration will use any means, legal or illegal, to protect itself. It also provides added proof that concerns about the administration using selectively un-classified information from the CIA, NSA and FBI to cast doubt and aspersions on Clarke are well founded.

Again, we see that everyone in BushCo. considers everyone who disagrees with them as a target and themselves above the law.

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