Thursday, April 08, 2004

Arianna Huffington: Cyberslut?

In Salon, via Bark Bark Woof Woof, we learn that Arianna is "weak in the knees" for bloggers:

Although I've only recently stuck my toe in the fast-moving blogstream, I've been a fan -- and an advocate -- ever since bloggers took the Trent Lott/Strom Thurmond story, ran with it, and helped turn the smug Senate majority leader into the penitent former Senate majority leader, a bit of bloody political chum floating in a tank of hungry sharks. Simply put, blogs are the greatest breakthrough in popular journalism since Tom Paine broke onto the scene.
Go read the rest at Mustang Bobby's, then stay a while, there's lots of great commentary to read there.

I wonder if Ms. Huffington would deign to not only read blogs but to write one herself? An interesting idea...

UPDATE: Thanks to alert reader Elayne Riggs at Pen-Elayne, I learn that Ms. Huffington does, indeed have a blog: Arianna's Blog. Go check it out!

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