Thursday, April 08, 2004

Rumsfeld in Wonderland

Rummy has finally taken the plunge down the rabbit hole and taken up residence in a secure bunker in Wonderland. How can I tell? Have a look at these two bits of an article on ABCNews:

REALITY: "Militiaman loyal to an anti-U.S. Shiite cleric controlled large swaths of three Iraqi cities Thursday after clashes with coalition forces, while U.S. Marines fought insurgents for the second day around a mosque in the Sunni Muslim stronghold of Fallujah."

RUMSFELD: "Rumsfeld discounted the strength of al-Sadr's militia. "There's nothing like an army," he said. "You have a small number of terrorists and militias coupled with some protests." U.S. officials estimate al-Sadr's force at about 3,000 fighters."
Amazing; this is the American Secretary of Defense and he is completely lacking a grasp of the reality of a combat situation in which our soldiers are being killed daily.


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