Thursday, April 22, 2004

Republican Hypocrisy - Doubly Redundant?

Only in the broadest, playground bully sense could the Republican demands for the release of every scrap of John Kerry's military and medical records be seen as "fair play." But, ever immune to irony, they've made those records an issue.

Their Boy Blunder used every connection at hand to avoid active duty service in Viet Nam, hid out in an Air National Guard Unit where he didn't serve his time, where he took time off to work on a family friend's political campaign and where he was somehow able to finagle an early release so he could go to business school.

Kerry, despite likely being able to pull a few strings of his own, and despite misgivings about the war, served honorably in the Navy, was awarded two major medals for heroism and service and was wounded three times, receiving a Purple Heart in each instance.

And they want to make his records an issue?

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