Thursday, April 08, 2004


On the real front of the war on terror - that would be Afghanistan, in case everyone wasn't clear on that point - a renegade general and "war lord" has taken control of a northern province city. President Hamid Karzai has had to send troops from the new and still very small national army to try and wrest control from General Abdul Rashid Dostum and his mostly Uzbek "private army."

The new president of Afghanistan can't control his own country. Coalition troops there are stretched way beyond the breaking point because the rest of the US military is distracted by Iraq, the troops that are there can't chase suspected al Qaeda soldiers into what is supposed to be our closest ally in the area; Pakistan, and the Pakistanis seem incapable of controlling the tribal areas where these al Qaeda folks are hiding out.

Good thing pResident Shrubby is "the War President," huh?

Are any of the adults in our government paying attention to this?

Nevermind... I forgot, there aren't any adults in charge here anymore.

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