Monday, April 05, 2004

BushCo. Environmental Outrages

Still have a spot on your forehead that you haven't pounded against a wall or your desk? Not totally disgusted yet by Shrubby's Excellent Adventure in Mesopotamia?

Go read this outstanding New York Times investigative report on how BushCo. systematically destroyed environmental regulations that were on the verge of delivering - not incremental - but a quantum leap in pollution reduction.

Having long flouted the new-source review law, many of the nation's biggest power companies were facing, in the last months of the 1990's, an expensive day of reckoning. E.P.A. investigators had caught them breaking the law. To make amends, the power companies were on the verge of signing agreements to clean up their plants, which would have delivered one of the greatest advances in clean air in the nation's history. Then George W. Bush took office, and everything changed.

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