Tuesday, April 20, 2004

It's Settled; Americans Are Stupid

Maybe not you, or you over there. And definitely not me. But in general, I can only conclude that Americans are, in fact, dumber than a box of hammers.

Bad news and body bags continue to flow from Iraq on a daily basis. I've covered that well as have other bloggers. Afghanistan, what should be the front line of the "war on terror," is being ignored and will likely slip back into chaos and a Taliban lead theocracy. Revelations from the 9/11 Commission and the latest Bob Woodward book are all over the news and paint BushCo. in a very poor light about some of the most important decisions and actions a President can take. Everywhere the Shrub goes people who wish to make their voices heard are shuffled off into "Free Speech Zones" sometimes miles away from the boy king and the news organizations whose existence is owed to the now desecrated First Amendment are silent on the issue. The government budget moves further and further into the red every day while BushCo. insists that more tax cuts are needed and that programs for the poor and aged should be cut.

With all of that in the news - and yes, some of it you have to hunt for, but it's there - you'd think that Bush's approval ratings would be heading south faster than a snowbird in October. You could be forgiven for thinking that, but you would, of course, be wrong.


President Bush holds significant advantages over John F. Kerry in public perceptions of who is better equipped to deal with Iraq and the war on terrorism, and he has reduced the advantages his Democratic challenger held last month on many domestic issues, according to a Washington Post-ABC News Poll.

The poll also found that Iraq and the war on terrorism have surged in importance, and rank with the economy and jobs as top voting issues. Despite signs of concern among Americans about the violence in Iraq, the poll showed Bush's approval ratings holding steady and Kerry's slipping on a variety of issues and attributes.

By 49 percent to 44 percent, Bush is viewed as better able to deal with the country's biggest problems. Five weeks ago, those numbers were reversed. By comfortable margins, voters see Bush as stronger than Kerry on key national security issues.
How is this possible? Really, how could anyone possibly see this band of morons as being better able to deal with anything? I'm at a complete loss...

I hate making broad-brush statements; it's the height of prejudice normally. But in this case, all the facts lead to one inescapable conclusion. Americans are stupid.

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