Monday, October 18, 2004

The Supreme Injustice

The potential for the next president to nominate as many as four Supreme Court Justices during their term has been discussed often by bloggers on both sides of the political spectrum. I've mentioned it on occasion as well. But an opinion piece in today's New York Times is the most instructive and concise writing I've seen on what a court, dominated by conservatives of the Scalia/Thomas variety, would do to America.

Abortion might be a crime in most states. Gay people could be thrown in prison for having sex in their homes. States might be free to become mini-theocracies, endorsing Christianity and using tax money to help spread the gospel. The Constitution might no longer protect inmates from being brutalized by prison guards. Family and medical leave and environmental protections could disappear.
Sounds very scary - but that's only the beginning. Go read the rest; it's much worse. Maybe worse than you think.

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