Friday, October 22, 2004

A Krauthammer Cockup

Writing in today's Wall Street Journal, Charles Krauthammer continues the right's attempt to scare any group it can identify. In his piece today, Krauthammer raises the bogeyman of Democratic antisemitism in the guise of anti-Zionism.

Any thinking person will already know that the two are not the same and that there are plenty of Jews who are against the militant Zionism of Ariel Sharon and his band of bandits. For more on this, you should keep an eye on Eric Alterman's Altercation. But Krauthammer, like Bush and Cheney with weapons of mass distraction, ignores reality and raises the scariest, most hateful of strawmen in the scariest, most hateful of editorial pages knowing that no WSJ reader would dare knock it down.

So, with what does Mr. Krauthammer try to scare us all?

So in a "new bargain with our allies" America "re-engages" in the "peace process" in return for troops and money in Afghanistan and Iraq.
That's right; John Kerry will become engaged in trying to bring peace to the Middle East. He will bring a little balance, perhaps, to our currently insane non-policy. Oh sure, BushCo. have declared that they support a "two state" solution, but they've done nothing to ensure that there's anything left of what could become a Palestinian state. While they've condemned the terrorism of the Palestinians - and deservedly so - they've uttered not a word about Sharon's destructive incursions into Palestinian lands.

In a part of the world that has lived by blood feuds and revenge for millennia, Bush's hamfisted and tone-deaf efforts at foreign policy have done nothing over the past four years to bring the Middle East closer to a true and lasting peace. Like all of his other promises and policies, his Middle East policies and efforts have been complete failures. They are just another in a long and still growing list of reasons why he must be voted out.

Bush has indeed been an equal opportunity president. He has done something to offend us all.

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