Friday, October 29, 2004

al Qaqaa Just a "Small Portion"

With John Kerry on the attack and BushCo. scrambling from explanation to explanation for the missing explosives (must be the same spin-meisters who spun out reason after reason for the war in the first place), the story just won't die. Bush has accused Kerry of "disrespecting the troops" while his stand-in Rudy Giuliani was saying it was the troops fault.

And while Bush has said that al QaQaa represents a small amount of missing arms in relation to the amount that was actually captured or secured, the Wall Street Journal had this paragraph tucked away at the end of a short article this morning:

He [a bomb expert under contract to the Pentagon] added, however, that what was looted from al-Qaqaa is just a small portion of the dangerous munitions in the country at the war's end. Prewar Iraq was studded with similar weapons depots and many of them were left unguarded and subsequently looted. "There are hundreds and hundreds of tons of munitions kicking around Iraq," he said.
As usual, Bush had it only half right. These explosives were only a small portion of the arms that were all over Iraq, but they were also only a small portion of the arms that were looted and that are now killing our soldiers.

If this is not incompetence, the word no longer has any meaning.

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