Thursday, October 14, 2004

Our Steadfast Allies

This is a must-read article in today's New York Times. Seems that Saudis, from the truck driver to the princes, are becoming more and more angry with America. Do they hate our freedoms? No. Seems they're not at all happy with our policies on Israel and Palestine and our invasion-gone-bad in Iraq.

Seventeen months into a shadowy terror campaign that has killed more than 100 people, numerous Saudis express less anger at the insurgents than at the United States for its invasion of Iraq, the signal event that they say touched off the attacks inside the kingdom.

In interviews over the last week, the Saudis condemned the terror attacks, aimed primarily at foreigners, but called them a small inconvenience that has not forced them to make significant changes in their daily lives. By contrast, they expressed unremitting disdain for the United States.
How long before these feelings bubble up into the palace? How long will the House of Saud continue to publicly support the US? What happens then?

More bitter fruit from the caustic, ethnocentric foreign policies of BushCo. and their friends, the NeoCon nitwits.

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