Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Get Outta Here!

I have to agree with Pissed-off Patricia at BlondeSense. All of you out there who are so pumped up about Bush and his never ending war on terror and "intention to have thoughts about weapons of mass destruction related activities" should get your asses out from in front of your computers and enlist.

The stuff he's saying now on TV, he didn't have the guts to say to Senator Kerry's face during the debates. Now, with his cozy little ass kissing audience, he's tough and as usual, nasty. I find it so very strange that he smiles when he speaks of the most dastardly events. I also find it very strange that so damned many people actually believe the bullshit that he's saying.
It's strange watching Bush's handpicked crowds cheering every known lie. But if they are so gung-ho to have other peoples' kids killed, maybe they'd like to join up and see just what it is they are so pumped up about.

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