Thursday, October 21, 2004

Should've Stayed in Bed

Hopefully the start of my day was not a harbinger of things to come for the rest of the day.

After walking out into the garage this morning, locking the door as I do every day, halfway to my car I realized that I didn't have any keys. Neither did my wife since she wasn't driving today. Luckily we almost always can drive in to work together which saves gas and wear and tear on our other car. Unluckily, that means only one of us usually has their keys with them.

So, there we were, in the garage, locked out of the house. This morning it was rainy, windy and only about 45 degrees. And with no keys we couldn't even start the car to stay warm. Or get to work.

Thank goodness for cell phones.

After trying every tool in his kit, the locksmith that we called - and had to wait an hour for - finally had to drill out the lock. After he comes back with a new door set, keys it for our current key and adds the "house call" charge, I can't even imagine what this is all going to cost. Whatever it turns out to be, it will likely be less than the cost of one of our double-glazed argon filled, energy efficient windows that we considered breaking.

So, we got to start our day two hours behind. I just hope the rest of the day is better.

So - how was your morning?

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