Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bush - No Connection to Reality

In declaring what would become the so-called "Bush Doctrine" of preemption, Bush declared that "moral truth is the same in every culture, in every time, and in every place..."

Can you think of a more parochial, more narrow or more dangerous view of the world? If Bush really believes this, and there is every indication that he does, then he is more dangerous than just his recent debacles indicate. That his statement is false on its face is obvious to anyone who has read any history. Think of the "moral truths" of the Incas or the Aztecs in Meso-America. The ancient Egyptians certainly had their own take on morality. Think of the Huns, the Visigoths, the dynastic Chinese, feudal Japan. Imagine saying such a thing in a world that has seen the Nazis and the Khmer Rouge. Even Bush's favorite bogeyman, Saddam Hussein, had a different twist on "moral truth."

Bush's world paradigm has no connection to reality. He's already proven to be a danger to the world and our country in his quest to impose his reality on us all. He must not be allowed another four years, without the restraint of a pending reelection, to continue his pillaging.

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