Monday, September 27, 2004

Niccolo's Got Nothing on Karl

If, after the Swift Boat Liars controversy, you're wondering just how bad it might get between now and November, Josh Marshall gives us a little hint.

The Alabama races in particular haven't gotten that much national press attention in the past. And one of the most lizardly passages in the article describes how Rove launched a whispering campaign against one Democratic opponent suggesting that the candidate -- a sitting Alabama state Supreme Court Justice, who had long worked on child welfare issues -- was in fact a pedophile ...
Josh then goes on to quote a new article in the The Atlantic Monthly about how Rove was able to smear the good name of Alabama Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. It's classic Rove and gives a very clear and frightening picture of what's in store for us in October.

All this from a guy who was never able to graduate from High School. I imagine him as the not-too-bright but cunning bully on campus who keeps a coterie of "friends" who are there out of fear. Some things never change.

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