Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Distract, Dissemble, Deflect

The three Ds of the Republican election playbook.

Well I'm not buying them. I haven't touched on the CBS-Memo thing and I wasn't going to. But I will make this one exception. Rude Pundit - he is rude, but he is smart - has only one post on the subject. Like myself, he wasn't going to bother; the whole thing's a distraction, a chance to dissemble or deflect the questions entirely. Go read his whole post, but let me quote this:

Bottom line on this sideshow: Would those who say that Dan Rather should not be trusted, now that he seems to have used forged memos in a portion of a single report, ever say the same thing about George Bush when he led us to war based on "misleading" information about WMDs, including, well, forged documents? Howzabout a trade? We won't trust Rather anymore if you don't trust Bush. Deal? No? Then go fuck yourself with your memos.
Damn straight.

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