Wednesday, August 25, 2004

WSJ Off the Reservation?

It's only a small step, to be sure, but the editors at the Wall Street Journal actually criticized aWol this morning in an unsigned editorial (subscription).

President Bush didn't tell the full story on Monday when he denounced TV ads by such "527s" as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. But not because he didn't agree to the Kerry campaign's demand that he repudiate the specific Swift Boat ads. Our gripe is that Mr. Bush assailed the very campaign-finance system that he helped create.


In our view, this was among the worst moments of Mr. Bush's term. Having helped to midwife the current campaign-finance system, it ill behooves him to blame others for the way this world works.
These guys have been the staunchest of BushCo. apologists, what's going on here? While there have certainly been worse moments in this disasterous term, that the Journal would point this out in such stark terms is surprising.

Is this the beginning of the end?

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