Monday, August 16, 2004

Lessons (Not) Learned

You'd think with the situation in Iraq - specifically in Najaf - rapidly approaching the point where it will, without doubt, spiral out of control, that BushCo. would get a clue about troop levels there.

If you thought that, though, you'd be wrong.

In what will be a "major" announcement about troop redeployments, many of which are of questionable value (not to mention that there are no bases with the maneuver room or facilities for many of the units they want to return to the US), Bush has no plans to increase troop levels in Iraq or Afghanistan.

President Bush's plan to call tens of thousands of U.S. troops home from Europe and Asia could gain him election-year applause from military families, but won't ease the strain on soldiers still battling violent factions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Supporting the troops or shameless, election year stunt? You decide.

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