Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bush is a Coward

Bush is afraid of a man in a wheelchair. He is afraid of a simple letter signed by nine Senators. More than anything in the world, he is afraid of the truth.

So afraid, in fact, that he had Senator Max Cleland, the Vietnam veteran who lost an arm and both legs in the war, met on the road well outside his Crawford, TX hiding place with a road block. He wouldn't show a disabled veteran the basic, Southern hospitality that demands at least a face-to-face meeting and a glass of iced tea. Instead, Max Cleland was met by the Secret Service at about the same distance from aWol's ranch as one of his infamous "Free Speech Zones." His letter was refused.

This is disgusting behavior, but I am not surprised. BushCo. has treated every soldier and veteran that gets in its way (Cleland, McCain, Kerry, Shinseki, etc.) in the same manner - and worse.

Bush is a coward.

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