Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Once Great Man Laid Low

It's sad to see John McCain prostitute himself (WSJ - subscription) in the service of George "Please Don't Send Me to War" Bush. I never would have voted for McCain had he won the Republican nomination, but I had - have - a deep respect for his service and for many of his views. But seeing him on the stage and hearing him encouraging others to vote for what is so obviously a failed administration - and knowing that he know it is as well - is just sad.

Sen. John McCain swept aside his differences with President Bush tonight and urged voters to re-elect him, heartily endorsing the Iraq and anti-terrorism policies of his 2000 rival for the White House.


Mr. McCain said Mr. Bush has earned re-election because of his resolute actions since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 -- a key theme on the convention's opening night.
I'm not sure where the phrase got its start, but putting up John McCain (and all the other moderates that will speak) really is just "putting lipstick on the pig." Or in this case, the elephant. John McCain could do so much better.

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