Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Secret Service Destroys First Amendment at R.N.C.

Via Jesus' General, we learn that Secret Service Agents at the RNC were actively preventing the press from speaking with Michael Moore who was attending with press credentials from USAToday. Specifically, there is audio of Andrea Seabrook, from NPR being rousted from interviewing Moore in the press area:

[Andrea] Seabrook: Well, well I'm not...the Secret Service has blocked off that area. They're calling it a...a hazard because of the number of people who are a gathered around him. There aren't that many people, but the Secret Service won't let me around him anymore, so I think a the access to him might be cut off for a moment. We'll try to get back with him.


Seabrook: Yes, I am in the middle of a...you might be able to hear the Secret Service yelling into my mic at the same time. There, there are a bunch of Secret Service that have surrounded Michael Moore's section. There are three or four reporters with him right now, but they are trying to kick all of the reporters and press photographers who are around him out of his area. The convention staff is also here. They're standing here telling us that we have to move from this are...they're obviously disturbed by the fact that Michael Moore is here and want as little public here as possible.
Un-F***ing-Believable. I wonder if there was any video of this... I wonder whether these guys were wearing brown shirts... I wonder when we are going to get our goddamn Constitution back from these MBSF?

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