Friday, August 27, 2004

Bush Created "Shadowy Groups"

As aWol makes vague motions about filing lawsuits or banning campaign ads from "shadowy" 527 groups, can we all please remember that he signed into law the legislation that created them? Secondly, why are they "shadowy?" The law very clearly lays out what they can do and what they can't in the election cycle. What's "shadowy" about that?

So the real questions to be asked are:

Did W not read the bill he signed into law?

If he did read the bill and felt that 527 groups were "shadowy," why did he sign it?

If he did read the bill and agreed with the provisions for 527 groups at the time, what has caused him to flip-flop now?

If he didn't read the bill and signed it anyway, doesn't that make him a fool who is now being hoisted by his own petard?

Just what is a petard and why would anyone get hoisted by it?
Just askin'...

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