Friday, February 20, 2004

Shiny, Happy People

Lots of bloggers have been writing about what's going on in San Francisco this past week, including me. But words sometimes lack the emotional impact of a picture. Unfortunately the pictures we've seen from the media have been nearly as lifeless as the words they've written about it.

I found, via Atrios, the blog of author/designer/photographer Derek Powazek. He lives in SF and has taken his camera to city hall to witness the marriages taking place there. In the process, he has captured the joy, the pride and the sheer beauty of these events. His pictures, especially those of the new couples convey such a sense of drama and pathos and most importantly of love that words never will. Derek doesn't have comments on his blog, but drop him an e-mail if you like his stuff.

Derek also has a Cafeshops store set up and is selling a great poster from one of his photos that captures it all, simply and elegantly. Please check it out

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