Saturday, February 14, 2004

Is That Really All of Them?

Via Dohiyi Mir and CNN:

Hundreds of pages of President Bush's Vietnam-era military files were released to the media Friday amid questions about whether he completed his required service in the Air National Guard.

About 400 pages of what officials have been able to find of his military records -- from 1968 to 1973 -- were released early in the evening.
The article never says, nor does anyone from the administration, that this comprises his entire military records jacket. CNN also says that the records are very repetitive; something that - at least in my case and other sets of military records I've seen - is not usually true.

Of course this was done at the nadir of the media coverage week; a Friday afternoon. And there has been no detailed analysis done yet. So it remains to be seen just how much this release explicates the questions that have been raised. We should, however, as NTodd says; give "credit, where credit is due."

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