Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Ashcroft Seeking Release of Women's Medical Records

Is there no limit to the depths this maladminstration will stoop?

Seems that John "The Crisco Kid" Ashcroft is seeking the release of medical records for patients, from several hospitals, of women who have or may have had a certain late-term abortion procedure. Fortunately a District Judge in Illinois has blocked the first request from a hospital in Chicago. But the Attorney General has made requests to several hospitals.

Read about this at Roger Ailes, who got it from TAPped.

This is a horrible intrusion into the most private of our records for likely the most heinous of reasons. Read it. Then, if medical privacy is at all important to you, do something about this. Write to your local paper - most especially if you are in or near Chicago. Write to your congressman. Talk to your doctor.

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