Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Bush Bigotry II

So, aWol comes out in favor of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages and the cockroaches scurry out of the woodwork. House and Senate majority leaders were crowing to the news cameras that they were confident they could get the resolution passed. I didn't see them, but my skin was crawling, so I assume that the religious-right-wingnuts were all abuzz at the news as well.

I wanted to write a post about what kind of choice Shrubby-boy has given Americans; he's always talking about the stark choice we will have come the November elections. But thanks to NTodd over at Dohiyi Mir, I don't have to. Check out this post; it's really only two pictures and a caption for each, but it says more about what that stark choice really is than any 1,000 words I could ever write.

I think the choice is pretty easy to make and I think my fellow citizens will think so as well.

Go see what I mean.

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