Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Case of the Disappearing Dental Records

Dental records?!? I swear I saw aWol's dental records from 1972 or 1973 on Good Morning America this morning. The White House claims that these prove Shrubby was at his Alabama Guard duties during a disputed period. If they are real, if they are his, what they prove is that he went to the dentist. That's all.

But the odd thing is, I've been around all the news sites, including ABC's, and there is no mention of the dental records.

Maybe it's too early for them to have updated their sites? But it was nearly an hour ago that I saw the preznit's teeth, full of the black marks and Xs indicating he has really bad teeth, by the way. So where is this story now? It's ridiculous. All the records that should be available - assuming the stories of record "cleansing" prior to aWol's Gubernatorial campaign are false - and the best they can do is a dental exam sheet?

They are in really big trouble on this one.

UPDATE: ABC has finally put the story up on their web site, but not on the front page. It's buried about 1/3 of the way down their Politics page. And the headline is that the dentist who apparently signed the form doesn't remember Bush. He also says that doesn't mean he wasn't there. Still to be cleared up is why Bush saw a dentist in Alabama when previous statements would have put him in Houston at the time.

The White House is starting to take a harder line; trying to repeat the mantra that what's been released should clear everything up. I still hold to my assertion: "They are in really big trouble on this one."

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