Monday, February 23, 2004

It's What You Know, Not Who You Know...

Sure it is.

Seems that Halliburton is feeling the heat from all its scandals and its links to Dick "The Dick" Cheney. So they've started running TV ads claiming that despite all appearances, despite all facts, they got the high profile, no-bid, cost-plus contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan not because Cheney used to be their CEO, not because they still pay Cheney a deferred salary, not because having an ex-CEO in the White House gives them unprecedented access to decisions, not because they've contributed over $800,000 to Republican campaign coffers in just the past year.


Apparently they got those contracts "because of what we know, not who we know."

Of course "what they know" is how to overcharge for gasoline, how to charge for meals not actually served to troops, how NOT to keep their field kitchens clean and how to line Rethugs' pockets to keep their mouths shut.

But while trying to clean up their public image, seems they are shining a light on the Republicans' involvement in the whole mess, not to their liking:

...the Halliburton spots - two are on the air so far - have created an awkward situation for the White House, which has not fallen over itself to embrace them. Mr. Cheney's office had no comment, and neither did the Bush campaign. But one Republican official close to the administration said the company was clearly thinking of itself, not the president's re-election.
Whoever that "Republican official" is, he seems to be implying that they expect some sort of quid-pro-quo that they are not getting. Imagine that. Are companies supposed to be "thinking of the president's re-election?" And why would this official expect that? Curiouser and curiouser.

Read all about it in today's New York Times.

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