Tuesday, November 25, 2003

"More Poor People Dying? Cool." - g.W.b.

In the vein of never meeting an international treaty he liked, read up on just one that aWol is trying to break; The Montreal Protocol.

But Punta Arenas is full of poor, brown people, right?

Three years ago, the mayor of Punta Arenas, Juan Enrique Morano Cornejo, succinctly summarized the effects on the hoi polloi of this kind of politicking. "Around here," he told me, "we call it the Ley del Gallinero" -- the law of the chicken coop. The law of the chicken coop turns out to be a lot like the law of gravity: Things fall downward, and for the chickens at the bottom of the coop, life is, well, kind of shitty.
Same kind of deal BushCo wants to give everyone: shitty.

Via Working for Change.

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