Monday, November 10, 2003

al Qaeda - Yet Again

I just want to make a short addition to my last post...

My disgust at what al Qaeda continues to do, while still there, is somewhat tempered by my hope that the Saudis will have some serious second thoughts about whatever ways they are funding this group. Evidence that they are funding al Qaeda directly is limited at best. But that money flows from Saudi Arabia into the coffers of bin Laden's group is probably as close to fact as you can get in this murky part of the world.

Wahabbism, for some reason, has an appeal to rich, listless Saudis and bin Laden's rhetoric draws them in. But now that the results are coming very close to home, perhaps they will pause to think about what they have done. And regardless if this latest attack causes introspection on the part of the bored Saudi millionaires who fund al Qaeda, I hope that the Saudi government finally takes the problem seriously and shuts down the various front operations that funnel supposed charity money to terrorists.

But as always, when talking about the Middle East, despair is always the smart choice - hope has been dashed too many times.

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