Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Seismic Shift?

By now the news of DeLay's announcement has circled the globe a million times via the MSM and the blogosphere. While absolutely great news in itself - there was not a more vile person on The Hill than the bug man - I have hopes that this signals the start of something more.

Corporate money has been the literal bedrock of the modern Republican party. The power they've wielded because of this money and the legislation that money has bought is unprecedented in the US. And Tom DeLay was at the center of it all. The enforcer. But now that bedrock has cracked and shifted. The enforcer has been banished from the center. The tectonic plates of power have been set adrift and the earthquakes are only just now starting to be felt. DeLay, Abramoff, Kenny-boy and their sticky, slimy web of influence are unraveling before our eyes.

I don't know how far this crisis will carry us... Will there finally be a serious move towards campaign finance reform? Can we break the strangle hold that corporate money has on our government? I'm not sanguine about the possibilities. But I have the first glimmers of hope.

When even the MSM puts DeLay and "pariah" in the same headline, I have a little bit of hope.

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