Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Big Truth

AmericaBlog, because of this article in the Washington Post, resurrects the questions surrounding Bush's time in the military. Or rather his lack of time in the military. Especially during a time of war.

The Swift Boaters, in a new disguise are now attacking Jack Murtha's records as he continues his outspoken comments against the Iraq Quagmire.

Again, Rethugs are making military service a factor in the believability of a war opponent. So why isn't military service a factor in the veracity of a war supporter?

If you have a blog, ask the question. If you can write a letter to a local editor, ask the question. If you can dial a phone, call your Congress-critter and ask the question.

If Jack Murtha has to answer for his (unimpeachable) military record while opposing the war, why is not BushCo.'s military record pertinent?
Where was Bush while he was supposed to be flying a soon-to-be retired fighter with no chance of being deployed to Viet Nam? Why did Big Dick Cheney get five (count 'em, five) deferments if he loves the troops so much? Where were the rest of them? Why are their "other priorities" not in question? Remember, the Democrats are in opposition, they are not in power to make or stop the war - not yet. It is the Rethugs who can do all of this and yet they are not being held to account for their military records while sending our young soldiers off to die in their neo-conservative wet dream of a debacle in the Middle East.

Ask the question. Demand that it be answered.

Ask the question.

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