Monday, January 30, 2006


In the latest move that leaves me scratching my head wondering if BushCo. has a clue about what it's doing, they've released a key bin Laden lieutenant captured after the battle of Tora Bora without explanation.

For more than a decade, Osama bin Laden had few soldiers more devoted than Abdallah Tabarak. A former Moroccan transit worker, Tabarak served as a bodyguard for the al Qaeda leader, worked on his farm in Sudan and helped run a gemstone smuggling racket in Afghanistan, court records here show.


Today, the al Qaeda loyalist known locally as the "emir" of Guantanamo walks the streets of his old neighborhood near Casablanca, more or less a free man. In a decision that neither the Pentagon nor Moroccan officials will explain publicly, Tabarak was transferred to Morocco in August 2004 and released from police custody four months later.
If they wanted to purposely screw up what they've called the War on Terror, they would have done most of what they've done already. So they are either maliciously prolonging this war or they are incompetent.

Neither one is a great choice.

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