Friday, November 03, 2006

So Nine Republicans Walk Into a Bar, Part II

How low have Republicans sunk in their dirty, no holds barred street fight to keep control of Congress? So low that some Republicans - the ones with a shred of decency left - are starting to leave the party. Yesterday it was the story of nine former Republicans running as democrats. Today we get more fallout from the Allen - Webb race in Virginia.

The headline:

Frank Schaeffer: I Should be Supporting Allen. Instead, I'm Leaving the Party
Frank Schaeffer is a relatively well-known writer and evangelical with close family ties with the Bush Family. His father, a minister, often visited with the Bushes at home and at the White House.

The bottom line:

My wife and I have reached the tipping point. We plan to go to town hall to dump our Republican voter registration and reregister as independents. I don't care anymore what party someone is in. These days, what I care about is what they're made of.
Maybe, just maybe there is hope for next Tuesday.


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