Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And Now We Wait...

I voted this morning in what the Republicans are calling "The Killing Fields" or " The Blowout Belt." The little town I live in - in fact the whole county - is heavily Republican. Lots of farmers and older folks; the median income is somewhere in the $48K range... It's definitely one of the areas where the people vote against their better financial interests by voting Republican.

There were five or six people already at the polling place, inside an old brick elementary school. The poll workers were very nice and helpful, but all of them were women and all of them were well past retirement age. Everything went smoothly and there were no problems. I doubt I will get called to witness any problems at the polls around here. I hope that the rest of the country can vote so easily today.

Hopefully the "Blowout Belt" name is accurate.

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